Fluency in math doesn’t just happen! It is a well-planned journey. In this book, you’ll find practical strategies and activities for teaching your elementary students basic addition and subtraction facts. The authors lay out the basic framework for building math fluency using a cycle of engagement (concrete, pictorial, abstract) and provide a multitude of examples illustrating the strategies in action.

You’ll learn how to:

  • help students to model their thinking with a variety of tools;
  • keep students engaged through games, poems, songs, and technology;
  • assess student development to facilitate active and continuous learning;
  • implement distributed practices throughout the year;
  • boost parental involvement so that students remain encouraged even as material becomes more complex.

A final chapter devoted to action plans will help you put these strategies into practice in your classroom right away. Most importantly, you’ll open the door to deep and lasting math fluency.

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