• Guided Math/Math Workshop
  • Integrating Routines to Increase Reasoning & Engagement
  • Taking a Strategic Approach to Fluency with Basic Facts
  • Supporting Conceptual Understanding through the use of Tools (including the Beaded Number Line)
  • The Art of Questioning
  • Content Specific Workshops 
    • By grade level
    • By content (ie: place value, fractions, etc..)
  • Effective Integer Instruction
  • Mathematizing Your School
  • Integrating 3-Act Tasks to Transform Problem Solving
  • Math in the Real World
  • The Importance of Language in Math


  • Modeling Lessons/Instructional Practices
  • Individual/Group Coaching
  • PLC coaching:
    • Using data to inform instruction
    • Planning for small groups using error patterns
    • Designing math workstations for intervention/enrichment

Customized workshops available upon request